5 Signs Your Water Softener Needs Service

Water softeners make a fantastic addition to any home, but only when they’re in perfect working order! Unfortunately, as Murphy’s Law would have it, even with the most diligent maintenance plan in place sometimes things can still go awry. For that reason, we’re bringing you the five most common signs to look out for that may indicate that your water softener is waving the white flag and reaching out for assistance.

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5 Signs Your Water Softener is Broken

  1. Salt supplies are stable. You might be thinking, “wait — isn’t stability a good thing?” Typically yes, but in this case, the fact that your system is not using salt means it’s not working properly.
  2. Hard water sightings abound. Hard water stains are popping up on your glassware, calcium deposits are building on your faucets, and worse — your towels, linens, and laundry have all taken on a rough and crunchy persona.
  3. It won’t stop running. Constant running water should be alarming when it comes to any plumbing setup, but especially in regards to your softener. This can indicate that the water is stuck in a specific stage of the softening process.
  4. Your skin and hair are dry. Dried out, itchy skin and straw-like hair are two of the most common unfavorable effects of hard water.
  5. Water pressure is plummeting. You may not be able to see the hard water deposits building up outside your fixtures, but you may be able to feel them! Decreased water pressure can indicate that calcium deposits are gumming up the works.

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