3 Methods of DIY Water Purification

Have you ever watched those survival shows on television? The ones where folks are kicked out into the wild and asked to withstand the elements and find sustainable food and water sources. If you have, you may have noticed that, though not necessarily easy, there are quite a few ways to purify water. In honor of Science Education Day, we’ve decided to clue you in on three DIY water purification methods, should you ever find yourself living off the land.

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  1. Boiling: This is probably the most widely known water purification method, and the simplest. In short, bringing water to a boil for 1-5 minutes can kill off most organisms that may be living in the water, as well as vaporize some chemicals present. Sounds easy right? But, not really! Not only is this not 100% effective to start, but boiling water for purification will have different effects depending on the altitude you’re at. Plus, you’d first have to know how to start a fire!
  2. Funneling: Your next option is to consider a funnel system to filter out microbes and debris. Cut off a piece of bark and bend it into a cone or funnel shape. Then, fill your funnel with sand, charcoal, grass and gravel. Finally, pour your water through the funnel several times to filter. Remember, this will not necessarily kill all bacteria or remove all dissolved minerals and chemicals. At best, it will simply help filter out solid debris.
  3. Evaporating: The idea here is to create a miniature solar still. Take a large bowl, sit a weighted cup or heavy container in the middle, and fill the bowl around the cup with dirty water. Then, cover the entire contraption with plastic wrap and place a rock on the plastic right over the cup. Leave it out in the sun, and with time, the purified water will evaporate upward, be caught in the plastic and eventually drip down into the cup. The downside? This requires household items you probably won’t have in the wild, and can take days or even weeks to produce water.

While there are several ways to purify water in the wild, only one way is the best when it comes to your home. You guessed it! Installing whole house filtration or a drinking water system is your best bet. If you’re tired of questionable water and wasting money on bottled, don’t DIY, call Aquarius Water Conditioning.

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