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How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Toilet

Successfully keeping your home’s toilets clean is a never-ending job — especially when you have hard water. On top of any dust and debris (all kinds of debris…), those with hard water will also have to worry about water stains. Luckily, there’s an easy way to remove these stains so you can sit upon a […]

Why Does My Water Taste Like…

Depending on where you live and where your water comes from, it can have a very different odor and taste compared to other cities and states. Tap water is tricky when it comes to having a weird taste because sometimes it is harmless, while other times it can carry dangerous pathogens that can cause illnesses. […]

What Causes Rust Stains in Sinks & Bathtubs?

How is the water in your home? Better question: How do your sinks and bathtubs look (before you clean them with a ton of elbow grease)? If there are hard water stains and rust galore, something needs to be done — and fast! What Causes Plumbing Fixtures to Rust? Dissolved iron within water is the […]

Hydration Tips To Live By

Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Don’t lie, now! The average person should be drinking roughly 64 ounces of water per day — also known as eight, eight ounce glasses. Always staying hydrated is important, as it can help keep you healthy — here are some tips you should live by. Drink More […]

Why High Nitrate Levels Are Dangerous

The nitrate levels in water in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas aren’t anything to be too concerned about — or are they? When groundwater is located close to soil that has been heavily fertilized or is near sewage pipes, nitrate levels can spike. Unfortunately, high nitrate levels in water can be dangerous to some. Who […]

How Hard Water Can Affect Your Dog’s Health

When you give your dog a fresh bowl of water, are you pouring directly from the tap? If your home has hard water, your dog’s health could be at risk. The last thing you want to do is put your pup in harm’s way! Hard Water – Water with a high mineral content — contains […]

Methods for Removing Hard Water Stains

Have you taken a look at your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room lately? How have you not noticed the water stains on all of the faucets, plumbing fixtures, and surfaces — they’re literally everywhere! If you’re wondering how you’re ever going to remove these ugly mineral spots, we’ve got you covered! How to Remove Light […]

How to Check Your Water Quality

Each and every person should be able to pour themselves a glass of water and drink it without worrying. If this idea seems dirty or disgusting to you, you probably have water that needs to be tested and filtered. Here’s how you can check the water quality in your home. Use a Home Testing Kit […]

Why Do Kinetico Softeners Reign Supreme?

A water softener provides numerous benefits, both ones you can see right away (like better tasting water, smoother skin, and softer clothes) and ones you can’t (like improved health). But not all water softeners are created equal. That’s why we here at Aquarius Water Conditioning are proud to be an authorized dealer of Kinetico Water […]

Does Hard Water Worsen Sunburn?

Not only does hard water compromise our showers and linens — but it can actually make a sunburn worse! Our skin does not react well to the minerals in hard water, so make sure if you like to bake in the sun all summer that you avoid hard water altogether. Hard Water and Sunburn First […]

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