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Why Do Kinetico Softeners Reign Supreme?

A water softener provides numerous benefits, both ones you can see right away (like better tasting water, smoother skin, and softer clothes) and ones you can’t (like improved health). But not all water softeners are created equal. That’s why we here at Aquarius Water Conditioning are proud to be an authorized dealer of Kinetico Water […]

Does Hard Water Worsen Sunburn?

Not only does hard water compromise our showers and linens — but it can actually make a sunburn worse! Our skin does not react well to the minerals in hard water, so make sure if you like to bake in the sun all summer that you avoid hard water altogether. Hard Water and Sunburn First […]

What Makes Aquarius the Best Water Conditioning Company?

Water conditioning companies are a dime a dozen right? Wrong! Sure, there are plenty of companies out there that promise soft, filtered water, but can they all offer high-quality systems from a world-renowned water filtration and softening manufacturer? How about unsurpassed customer service and a friendly, knowledgeable employee on every phone call and service visit? […]

What is The Hard Water Bubble Test?

Have you heard about “the hard water bubble test?” It’s only the easiest way to test for hard water in your home from a DIY standpoint! In fact, the only thing easier than performing your own hard water bubble test is calling in the experts instead of doing it yourself — which we recommend doing […]

Why Choose Filtered Water Over Bottled?

Ahh, the age old debate: Filtered water versus bottled water. We’re here to set the record straight and end this epic battle once and for all! That being said, let’s start with the basics: Isn’t bottled water safer to drink than tap water? The answer to that is a big resounding — not quite. You […]

How to Change a Whole House Prefilter

You may be thinking, “what is a prefilter, anyway?” We’re glad you asked! A prefilter is a filter that all water runs through before entering your home’s softening and drinking water filtration systems. The idea is that by prefiltering, you’ll be able to reduce cloudiness and water staining by first stripping the water of sand […]

5 Ways to Take Your Iced Tea to Next Level!

You know what goes great with a dip in the pool on a hot, summer day? A nice, refreshing glass of iced tea — brewed and chilled to perfection! Considering that one of the key components in iced tea is water, an ingredient that we happen to be particularly keen on, we thought it was […]

5 Signs Your Water Softener Needs Service

Water softeners make a fantastic addition to any home, but only when they’re in perfect working order! Unfortunately, as Murphy’s Law would have it, even with the most diligent maintenance plan in place sometimes things can still go awry. For that reason, we’re bringing you the five most common signs to look out for that […]

Does Untreated Tap Water Affect Baking?

If you’re an avid baker you know that the quality of the ingredients you use to whip up your next batch of cupcakes, cookies or bread can make all the difference. Following that thought process, it would make sense that the water you use to bake your delicious creations should matter too — and it […]

What is a Prefilter & Do I Need One?

Tired of stiff linens, stubborn rust rings, and water-stained stemware? Like many tech-savvy homeowners out there, you’ve probably done your homework and realized that hard water is to blame. Your research may also have pointed you in the direction of installing a water softener to fix the issue, but the question remains — “Do I […]

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