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Why Does my Water Smell?

Within your home, water is an everyday essential. Many homes have different water supply environments, which can impact the taste and smell of the water. If your water has a distinct type of smell, there are certain causes for that. This article will discuss the 5 most common smells and what causes them. 1. Rotten […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Well Water

The water that comes up from your well contains more than simple H2O. There are plenty of dissolved minerals lurking in that liquid. Filtered through limestone, it contains magnesium and calcium. It can pick up traces of iron, aluminum, and manganese. All of those minerals create “hard” water. Hard water creates all types of problems. […]

Signs That Your Home Needs a Water Softener

Hard water typically contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which may lead you to wonder if you need a water softener. Water softeners use salt to modify the properties of the water and remove minerals that cause hardness. Here are a few signs that you may need a water softener for your home or […]

How to Stop Hard Water From Ruining Your Towels

You’ve just sorted your laundry, tossed your towels in the washing machine, loaded up your detergent and fabric softener, and are about to push that button — but wait! If your home doesn’t have a water softener installed, washing your towels may be doing more hard than good. Sure, you need to get your towels […]

These Must-Know Dehydration Facts Are The Real Deal

Dehydration is a serious medical condition and a common one at that. In fact, an estimated 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, and may not even know it. Interestingly enough though, it’s one of the few serious ailments that can be easily treated and avoided altogether with proper care and mindfulness. As they always say, […]

Fresh Water Will Make Your Memorial Day BBQ Better

The sun is shining, the kids are playing, the grill is going — and you’re MELTING! Ahh, the joys of spending the day outdoors for a Memorial Day BBQ. Suddenly, the party host walks out and sets a glistening pitcher of freezing cold water down on the table. You can feel your mouth watering as […]

8 Home Improvement Projects All New Homeowners Should Tackle

Whether it’s your first or fortieth home, purchasing a new home is no walk in the park! The house-hunting process can be long and the negotiations thereafter, exhausting — and then, when all is said and done, there are the renovations! If you’re lucky enough to have moved into your dream home from top to […]

Refreshing Ice Cubes Begin With Reverse Osmosis Water

There’s nothing better than crystal clear ice. Admit it — just their translucent appearance alone makes any drink taste more refreshing on the spot. Picture this: It’s summertime and you’re floating in the pool, sipping on a clear-iced cocktail. Mmmm! Now, transport yourself to the dead of winter (we know, it’s drastic, but bear with […]

What You Need to Know About Iron Filtration in Minnesota

Many Minnesota homes run off of well water systems — and if your home is one of them, listen up! While private wells allow homeowners, like yourself, to avoid the issues raised by chlorinated drinking systems, well water systems are certainly not a cure-all solution for perfect water. In fact, one of the major issues […]

PFCs: What Are They & How Do I Get Rid of Them?

The complete list of common water contaminants is rather lengthy, it’s true. And more than that, the contaminants found in the water of one home in Minnesota or Wisconsin, can be drastically different from those found in the water of the next. This is because most contaminants are a product of the environment in which […]

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