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6 Surefire Ways to Save More Water

It’s World Water Day, and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only is water the driving force behind all life, but having clean, running water also makes our day-to-day tasks a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, though water is considered a renewable resource, it’s still very scarce in certain parts of the world. Consider this: only […]

3 Methods of DIY Water Purification

Have you ever watched those survival shows on television? The ones where folks are kicked out into the wild and asked to withstand the elements and find sustainable food and water sources. If you have, you may have noticed that, though not necessarily easy, there are quite a few ways to purify water. In honor […]

Aquarius Water Conditioning is Live on YouTube!

At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we know how important it is for our customers to have soft, clean, safe water available at the turn of a knob, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kinetico Water Systems to provide the finest water conditioning products in the world for water softening, […]

How to Banish Calcium Buildup From Your Plumbing

Calcium buildup — not only is it icky to look at on the outside, but it can cause pretty costly plumbing repairs on the inside as well. When hardness minerals crystalize and adhere to your pipes and faucets, they narrow the waterways, making it more difficult for water to flow. Fortunately, if you’ve been noticing […]

What is Reverse Osmosis Water?

You may have heard the term “reverse osmosis” before, but if you’re like most folks, you probably don’t know exactly what it means. No worries — that’s why we’re here! In short, reverse osmosis water is term used to described water that’s been filtered through a reverse osmosis water conditioning system. Reverse osmosis filtration systems […]

What is Water Conditioning Anyway?

Water conditioning is crucial, especially to us folks in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas, where water contaminants abound. You may or may not have heard about it, and even if you have, you may still be wondering – what does it actually mean? Lucky for you, we’re here to break down the water conditioning basics […]

Hard Water & Water Softener FAQ

With hard water problems persisting in 85% of homes nationwide, and a large portion of those being in Minnesota or Wisconsin, it’s very possible that your home has been affected. Unfortunately, most folks have a hard time distinguishing whether their water is hard or soft, or worse, don’t know how to correct the issue once […]

How Does Hard Water Affect Your Skin?

Hard water – it makes our linens hard and our showers dirty, but did you know it can also affect our health as well? Generally speaking, ingesting hard water doesn’t pose any threat, but showering with it is another story entirely. Our bodies, and our skin in particular, don’t exactly take kindly to hard water […]

The Hard Water v. Soft Water Showdown

You may be thinking, “how can water be hard if it’s liquefied?” Confusing isn’t it? At first glance, maybe, but that’s why we’re here to set the record straight. Not all tap water is created equal, and in this hard v. soft showdown, only one water type can reign supreme! Hard Water: While it may […]

6 Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Sure, that single-unit water filter might be working well, but now imagine what a whole house of filtered water would be like. When it comes to fixing water woes, we urge you to think big, not small. Trust us – we promise you’ll enjoy the benefits!   Clean, crisp water – everywhere you turn. Waiting […]

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