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5 Signs Your Water Softener Needs Service

Water softeners make a fantastic addition to any home, but only when they’re in perfect working order! Unfortunately, as Murphy’s Law would have it, even with the most diligent maintenance plan in place sometimes things can still go awry. For that reason, we’re bringing you the five most common signs to look out for that […]

Does Untreated Tap Water Affect Baking?

If you’re an avid baker you know that the quality of the ingredients you use to whip up your next batch of cupcakes, cookies or bread can make all the difference. Following that thought process, it would make sense that the water you use to bake your delicious creations should matter too — and it […]

What is a Prefilter & Do I Need One?

Tired of stiff linens, stubborn rust rings, and water-stained stemware? Like many tech-savvy homeowners out there, you’ve probably done your homework and realized that hard water is to blame. Your research may also have pointed you in the direction of installing a water softener to fix the issue, but the question remains — “Do I […]

5 Tips to Use Less Cleaning Products

Cleaning products — not only are they harsh on your hands, but they leave behind an awful chemical smell and can be pretty pricey as well. All that being said, we think it’s safe to say that most folks would prefer to cut their cleaning product usage significantly, if only they knew how. Lucky for […]

Our Faucets Are Overflowing With Positive Feedback!

We realize the benefit of having soft, clean, safe water available at the twist of a knob, which is why we strive to provide the best and highest quality water conditioning services in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area. We’re 100% committed to helping our customers feel confident in their home’s water supply, so much that […]

How Much Water Are You Wasting?

Water makes the world go round. In fact, it’s arguably the most important resource we have at our disposal. That being said, if we keep on wasting it, it certainly won’t be around forever! That’s why water conservation is such an important part of the puzzle. That being said, you may think you’re being careful, […]

Specialty Water Filter Options We Offer

Water quality can vary drastically from home to home, even when those homes are in the same area. That being said, the filtration needs of your home can be drastically different from that of your neighbors. In other words, water filtration systems are not one size fits all, which is why we offer a variety […]

Why Does Old Water Taste Funny?

Have you ever grabbed a water bottle or glass that was previously opened, and has been sitting on your nightstand, in your car, or even in your fridge for a few days, or sometimes simply hours? More than likely, that water will have a funny aftertaste — maybe even enough for you to ditch it […]

The Benefits of Cooking With Filtered Water

Has your food been tasting funny as of late? Your culinary skills might not be to blame. While most U.S. tap water is free from harmful bacteria and viruses, it is far from pure. Most tap water contains trace amounts of dissolved minerals, such as calcium, sodium, and magnesium. This is known as “hard water.” […]

6 Surefire Ways to Save More Water

It’s World Water Day, and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only is water the driving force behind all life, but having clean, running water also makes our day-to-day tasks a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, though water is considered a renewable resource, it’s still very scarce in certain parts of the world. Consider this: only […]

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