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Looking for an advanced home water filtration system? Aquarius Home Services is your local authorized Kinetico dealer for water softeners, filtration systems, and reverse osmosis home solutions. 

Many who live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, as well as the Badger State, have already benefited from Kinetico. In fact, Paul “Meatsauce” Lambert—you know, the co-host of the Power Trip Morning Show on KFAN—swears by his advanced water filtration system. 


We all know Meatsauce and his crew know a lot about sports, pop culture, and hard rock music in the Twin Cities. But Meatsauce also knows that when it comes to the quality of his drinking water, there’s no better solution than an advanced, non-electric water system from Kinecto. 

If you regularly tune into the Power Trip Morning Show, you’ve probably heard about Kinetico and wondered: is a water filtration system really worth the investment?

Glad you asked!

Water Problems?

Ask our water experts how Aquarius can help you.

Benefits of a Home Water Filtration 

Ever wonder what’s floating around in your drinking water? Maybe you notice that your laundry is starting to develop a yellowish tint after washing it. Or your skin feels dry and itchy after a shower.

The Culprit—Municipal & Well Water Sources

The truth is whether you’re receiving municipal water or water from a private well, that source likely contains minerals, man-made chemicals, and even bacteria that can create bad water issues.

We’re talking soap scum; dry, itchy skin; water odors; and in some cases, high levels of manganese or PFAS that could put your family’s health at risk. 

The Solution?

An advanced water filtration system from Kinetico can eliminate many of these water issues and help you safely remove unwanted contaminants from entering into your Minnesota or Wisconsin home. 

So, How Can I Get Soft, Clean, Purified Water Like Meatsauce?

Simple! All you need to do is schedule a free, in-home water test. Yup, we said FREE! This is the best way to get to the source of your water issues and find out what’s lurking inside those pipes.

Ask the water experts...

How can we help you?

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What is your water source?

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Top Kinetico Water Treatment Solutions

Drinking Water Systems—helps filter contaminants and eliminate odor-causing chemicals.

Whole House Filtration—tackles the toughest water issues in your home—without the use of salt.

Water Softener Series—These non-electric solutions help soften hard water and protect your plumbing from scale build up. 

We Also Offer Maintenance Plans!

DID YOU KNOW that your Kinetico products come with extended warranties, and our team can provide you with a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your system is running at peak performance? That means less worry and more efficiency. What’s even better is that you get to choose your own plan!

>Learn More!

So, What Are You Waiting For? 

Kinetico’s water softeners and filtration systems are the world’s most efficient products on the market! They’re each designed to treat, condition, and filter the most demanding water challenges. 

Don’t just take Meatsauce’s word for it. Experience clean, crisp, and delicious water in your home today! 

Customer Reviews

Aquarius Home Services
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Aquarius did a great job servicing my Kinetico water softener. The were on time and very efficient.
James Ulrick
James Ulrick
13:55 19 Sep 22
Did a great job. Here on time. Friendly.
Michael Rokala
Michael Rokala
13:53 19 Sep 22
Did a Great job
Duane Butler
Duane Butler
23:13 18 Sep 22
Jordan does a great job servicing my water heater and softener. He arrives on time and does the job efficiently. 5 stars.
Jeffrey Meneau
Jeffrey Meneau
22:53 18 Sep 22
He did real good, I was afraid that with a Blackduck mailing address, he would think that I stayed in Blackduck instead of rural Ponemah, he found my place no problem.
Roy Nelson
Roy Nelson
21:50 18 Sep 22
Very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Very happy with their service.
Nick Sullivan
Nick Sullivan
00:09 17 Sep 22
Great service!
Courtney Litzau
Courtney Litzau
19:33 16 Sep 22
Extremely friendly and helpful. Jim Stanton is trustworthy and reliable. I know that when he is working on our geothermal system, that we have peace of mind knowing that we can trust that what he says needs to be done with the system is correct and nothing is being padded.
Bec W
Bec W
19:08 16 Sep 22
Jason always handles the problem swiftly and makes sensible recommendations.
Susan Arbisi
Susan Arbisi
18:43 16 Sep 22
Rory was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole visit. Explained everything that needed done to fix the problem.
Scott Doyle
Scott Doyle
18:19 16 Sep 22
Water softener repairRory Thune did a very thorough job in determining what was wrong with our softener, had all the parts needed for the repair and fixed it the same day! Gave suggestions for a plumber and also discussed my electrician needs. Stand up service!!
Jerbear 1101
Jerbear 1101
16:45 16 Sep 22
Kong did a great job of explaining options and then finishing the job!
lynda ganter
lynda ganter
16:27 16 Sep 22
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