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Kinetico: Water Filtration & Softening Systems

Dave Lee Trusts Kinetico for Water Filtration!

If you’ve ever tuned into WCCO-AM radio, you’ve probably heard the voice of Dave Lee—one of Minneapolis’ most iconic radio hosts. Though retired now, Dave spent three long decades sharing the morning news and local updates in homes across the state.

If you regularly listened to WCCO Radio News Talk 830, you’ve probably heard Dave talk about Kinetico® products and wondered: does a water filtration system really work?

Glad you asked! 

Water Problems?

Ask our water experts how Aquarius can help you.

Kinetico for Home Water Filtration 

Worried about those tiny particles floating around in your drinking water? Wondering why your tap water has a distinct odor or if it’s safe to even drink?

Both city and private well water sources contain minerals, man-made chemicals, and even bacteria or viruses that can create common water issues—some more serious than others!

The good news?

An advanced water filtration system from Kinetico can eliminate many of these water issues and help you safely remove unwanted contaminants from entering into your Minnesota or Wisconsin home. 

Do I Need a Kinetico Water System?

If you live anywhere in the Upper Midwest, it’s safe to assume you’re dealing with water problems. Some are easier to spot, like chlorine or iron, which can change the color and taste of your tap water. But others are harder to trace, such as PFAS, a man-made chemical that can pose serious health issues.

The only true way to find out what’s lurking in your water supply is with a free, at-home test from Aquarius Home Services. Our team can assess your water and help you find the best Kinetico systems—based on your water needs and budget!

Ask the water experts...

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Top Kinetico Water Treatment Solutions

Kinetico is Dave Lee Approved!

There’s a reason Dave Lee promoted Kinetico’s water softeners and filtration systems for years! They are the world’s most efficient products on the market and all designed to treat, condition, and filter the most demanding water challenges. But Dave Lee didn’t just advertise for Kinetico, he also had one installed in his own home to enjoy its health benefits.

Choosing Your Kinetico System

Since there are many Kinetico products to choose from, an at-home water test can help you determine the best solution for your family:

Drinking Water Systems—helps filter contaminants and eliminate odor-causing chemicals.

Whole House Filtration—tackles the toughest water issues in your home—without the use of salt.

Water Softener Series—These non-electric solutions help soften hard water and protect your plumbing from scale build up. 

And when you choose Aquarius to install your Kinetico system, you can also enjoy peace of mind from our professional maintenance plans!

Kinetico products come with extended warranties, and our team can provide you with a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your system is running at peak performance. 

That means less worry and more efficiency. What’s even better is that you get to choose your own plan!

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Ready to Experience Clean, Purified Water?

To get started, contact us today to schedule your in-home test. Remember, it’s free and will provide you with a clear understanding of your current water issues, so you can feel confident and enjoy your drinking water again.

Customer Reviews

Aquarius Home Services
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Cole is very good at what he does. Very professional and personable.
Richard Link
Richard Link
16:49 28 Sep 22
The most knowledgeable and efficient company that I have had work in my home. Alex is very helpful and took time to answer questions and explain what I had for options. His professional demeanor and clear explanation gave me the exact information I need to move forward.
Chris Hernesman
Chris Hernesman
16:43 28 Sep 22
Ryan was here on time, great service and provided us with good educational information about our water systems. Great experience. Still thrilled to be with Aquarius!
Jackie Malling
Jackie Malling
14:50 28 Sep 22
Dominic M. was efficient and informative.
Tim Erickson
Tim Erickson
14:45 28 Sep 22
Aquarius Home Services gives excellent service, products, and follow up maintenance. From the moment you call the main office and hear a live voice asking, "How can we make you smile today?" through the many years of depending on quality, clean, safe water for your home, Aquarius Home Services delivers with crystal clear perfection.I live in a rural area where any type of business service can be hard to count on but Aquarius Home Services has an extensive team of water and plumbing experts to direct to meet customer needs. I am so thrilled with the look, taste, and color of my water!
Lindsay Thomas
Lindsay Thomas
02:30 28 Sep 22
Had an issue with pressure in water holding tank. Thomas went above and beyond to fix it. Great company, great product and great employees!! Thank you Thomas
Reno Carbon
Reno Carbon
20:33 27 Sep 22
Love Eric, very real and kind gentleman. Knows his stuff.
charles Rinke
charles Rinke
17:48 27 Sep 22
I've used Aquarius for a few years for HVAC and water treatment at our cabin and we have always had outstanding service. Cole is usually the guy who takes care of us and he is thorough, knowledgeable and always does an outstanding job. The folks on the phone are also incredibly helpful in getting services set up quickly. The one time we needed emergency service (over the 4th of July, talk about bad timing) they showed up in a couple of hours and got our issues addressed. Overall I highly recommend Aquarius. They get the job done in an outstanding way every single time.
Bob King
Bob King
16:00 27 Sep 22
Fantastic service, very friendly clean and efficient. Explained everything in detail. Will definitely use them again!!
Judd Mudek
Judd Mudek
14:39 27 Sep 22
Thomas did a great job installing the system and explaining everything we need to know! Your salesman Mark was great as well! He came out on Wednesday and the system was installed the following Monday..today! Thank you, as both of your employees displayed efficiency, knowledge and integrity!God bless!
Susan Stebbing
Susan Stebbing
21:25 26 Sep 22
They can fix bad water and their employees are nice. They also do quality work.
Rick Welhouse
Rick Welhouse
20:32 26 Sep 22
I think this survey is very generic. Doesn’t list the service that we received. I rate this survey as a 0.Devin did a great job on our installation!
Jim Seep
Jim Seep
17:26 26 Sep 22
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My Kinetico water system is the best thing I’ve done for my cabin. The water was hideous and now it’s clean and safe to drink. Kinetico is a game changer!

Paul Lambert